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Lasse Hoile

The Danish photographer and video director is principally known for his work with British band PORCUPINE TREE, but his distinctive, original and often disturbing style puts him in high demand from a wide range of other artists including OPETH, DREAM THEATRE, BLACKFIELD, DANIEL SALOMAN and AVIV GEFFEN, for whom he produces cover art, promo videos and tour films.



Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson

Monumental effort and dedication by front man Steven Wilson has paid dividends as the band's latest album THE INCIDENT charted in the top 30 in countries all over Europe, backed by sell-out shows. Widely regarded and respected as one of the hardest working musicians in the business, Wilson also records and releases material under five other names. For more details see also:




Wilson's collaboration with singer / songwriter Tim Bowness has yielded a slew of critically acclaimed albums over the past 20 years, celebrated recently with the release of MIXTAPED, a DVD comprising a rare live performance and a full length documentary. Bowness' haunting voice and razor sharp lyrics blend perfectly with soundscapes ranging from ambient-jazz to dance, ballad to Krautrock.
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Lee Parker - Director of Photography

California based cameraman Lee Parker's 'Pirouette' motion control rig is capable of 3-axis motion, with GPS tracking, lens and zoom control, and is compatible with the heaviest production cameras in existence, from VistaVision to 15/70mm. Parker was the DoP on the 8/70mm film LOST KINGDOM and shot much of the timelapse sequences for the IMAX production SACRED PLANET. My association with Lee, and computer animator Glenn Marshall, comprised the entity PMW CREATIVE for some years, but is now disbanded.



Interval Films

The UK's premiere timelapse specialists. Ollie Larkin's weather-proofed enclosures record long duration construction projects at sites all over Europe. Using specially developed software and FTP radio sending, clients can keep track of how a shot is progressing. They also engage in shorter projects for clients such as the BBC.


Thorsten Quaeschning

One of the principal reasons behind TANGERINE DREAM's recent renaissance is the addition of Thorsten Quaeschning. A phenomenal piano player, his keyboard dexterity and sound design has elevated many of TD's releases since 2002, and their concert schedule has grown exponentially. In addition he has recorded and released several albums as PICTURE PALACE MUSIC, whose ethic is to soundtrack classic, avant-garde black and white films of the 1920's and 30's, such as NOSFERATU and FAUST.


Morris Lane Creative Media  

Former BBC radio man James Harrison has gained a strong reputation for producing intelligent, high quality educational and corporate films for a wide range of clients in south west England.


Ed Moore - Director of Photography

Fast rising cinematographer Ed Moore cut his teeth shooting corporates for his own production company FULL RANGE MEDIA. Based in Birmingham, he combines a can-do attitude with a wide skills base, including FCP editing, Steadicam, Jimmy Jib and intimate knowledge of RED cameras.

Arts Alliance Media

Now also Europe's largest digital film distributor, AAM install and maintain 2k projection systems for an ever growing number of digital theatres in the UK, France and The Netherlands, building their reputation on stunning quality and reliability.




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