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U R I N A L  T A P

In the rock 'n' roll music hall of fame honoured places are reserved for SPINAL TAP and BAD NEWS, hilarious, terrible bands who could at least vaguely play their instruments.

But when you’re running for an election you need the kind of gimmick that not even they could provide……

In Brighton, Sussex, England, ‘Pope Jim,’ party organiser and founder member of the local branch of spoof religion 'Church of the Subgenius' faced a dilemma. Attempting to top his Subgenius Party’s 674 votes in the previous election under the slogan ‘Cannibalise Legalists’, he floundered around for campaign ideas until a chance meeting with the 2004 winner of the UK Air Guitar Championships.

Proceeding to adapt the holy Subgenius ‘Dobbs Heads’ into the style of 70’s US glam-rockers KISS, Jim and church members engaged in weeks of arguments, power struggles and beer fuelled rehearsals, to finally produce a four piece line-up and a name for a ground breaking and world first... the air guitar band: PISS.

But not even the faithful flock of Subgenii could have predicted what happened next. Four weeks before the election, PISS premiered in a packed house at Pope Jim’s T-shirt printing business, culminating in a food fight of legendary proportions. Word spread quickly as PISS supported Pope Jim’s political aspirations at clubs and parties around town. Fame beckoned, and PISS played to an astonished sell-out crowd at the ICA, at festivals all over the country, twice as headline act in the UK Air Guitar Championships, and at a Motley Crue after-show party.

Championed by the late, great Radio 1 DJ John Peel, it was around this time that a record company came calling. History was made as PISS became the first air guitar band ever to sign a recording contract. At the signing ceremony hundreds of fans brought streets to a standstill in central Brighton, carrying placards and screaming their adulation: “PISS! PISS! PISS!”

But as the band headed to the studio to record their first e.p ‘A PIECE OF PISS’ the strain began to show. Though lacking any instruments or discernible talent, classic internecine warfare nonetheless broke out among the members. Whilst the record was finished and released, the band split up amidst bitter acrimony.

And this might just be an idea for a mockumentary, except that it actually happened. And all of it was filmed on DV, from start to finish, by local film maker Cave Ellson.

Combining new interviews with Ellson's original footage, URINAL TAP will recount one of the funniest and most bizarre success stories in the annals of rock.

Running time: 37 mins. for 40 min. slot - Format DV - 720 x 576

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