Shooting principally with an URSA MINI PRO 4.6k EF camera in HD + 4k, with SAMYANG primes and CANON zooms,
I bring a cinematic eye to all types of productions: documentary, corporate, fiction, music promos and live visuals.

My custom 12 ft 3-stage timelapse dolly track doubles for real-time shooting.

B-cam is a compact PANASONIC LUMIX LX-15, which I often use in concert with a KONOVA 3 ft slider – motorised or hand-moved.

Sound is recorded via 2 x RODE FILMMAKER radio mics and SENHEISER 416 directional, with ZOOM H6.

I edit with DA VINCI and ADOBE CC suites, inc. SAPPHIRE VFX plug-ins, ensuring the highest quality post-production
and customised export settings for all your requirements.