I shot the timelapse for PORCUPINE TREE’s 2009 promo TIME FLIES, featured on their last album THE INCIDENT.

Director / Editor Lasse Hoile accelerated many of the shots to match the song’s tempo and his edit style.

In 2010, just for my own interest, I took my favourite shots and edited them at their original capture speed into a 10 min. 2.38:1 aspect piece TIME’S LITANY.

The soundtrack was a mix of Parts 1 + 2 of the limited edition album LITANY, by Steven Wilson, released under the name of one of his many musical incarnations, BASS COMMUNION.

Steven and Lasse asked if I could re-work it into 16:9 aspect, re-grade and go a little heavier on the effects, so that they could use it as a live projection piece for the 2011 > 2012 GRACE FOR DROWNING tour.

The film featured as an ‘outro’ at the end of the concerts, and fragments appear in the performance captured for the DVD / Blu-Ray release GET ALL YOU DESERVE. www.burningshed.com/steven-wilson_get-all-you-deserve_cd_blu-ray

Made public with Steven Wilson & Lasse Hoile’s kind permission.

The original 2.38:1 piece is here: