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4k motion controlled timelapse

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High resolution, motion controlled timelapse kits to rent for 2k, 4k and FullDome shooting

11ft track with 8mm Nikon fisheye
 on display at BAP 2010 conference

Two long duration, night capable kits with pan / tilt / tracking are centred around
CANON 5D Mk1 + 2 cameras, with NIKON and SIGMA true-circular 8mm and flat lens set.
Pelicased for worldwide shipping.

The large format films ANCIENT SKIES (4k FullDome) & REMNANTS (2k DCP)
were produced exclusively with this equipment package.

True 'feathered' or 'ramping' motion control for pan, tilt and tracking enables perfectly smooth acceleration / deceleration of camera movement at the start and end of each shot, and can be programmed for almost any duration required.

Pan at Dulce Mesa, New Mexico, USA,
during the production of MIRAGEMEN

Long lens pan with sunset at
Stenness Stone Circle, The Orkneys


A splitter box enables simultaneous
static & motion control shooting with
a single intervalometer

5D Mk1 cameras in RAW resolution produce a pixel dimension of 4368 x 2912. Even an uncompressed render to half this size yields astonishingly crisp and saturated images, making it an ideal capture medium for giant screen presentations like IMAX DIGITAL and 2k DCP.

5D Mk2 cameras yield a pixel dimension of
5616 x 3744. Whilst the dimension for full circular fish eye frames falls just short of true 4k for dome projection, this image size remains amongst the highest in the world for cost effective capture of material for the new generation of immersive FULLDOME theatres, at approx. 3.6k after minor cropping.

FULLDOME night pan at Callanish stone circle,
The Hebrides

Flat lens 4k static shot of dusk at
Ring of Brodgar, The Orkneys

The tracking system is comprised of 3 x 4ft lengths, and can be used singly or in combination. Travel over track joins are imperceptible even in 4k projection. Factoring in cart size, max. actual travel distance is 11ft.

11ft ground laid track with camera on short tripod

3ft table laid track with camera direct on cart

Camera mounting and track configuration takes either of two forms: ground laid with camera on board short or tall tripods or direct to cart, and tripod suspended with camera direct to cart.

11ft suspended track with camera on cart

7ft ground laid track with camera on short tripod

Whilst dependent on the increment of distance travelled per frame, rocking/vibration 'settle time' for ground laid tracking shots with camera mounted on tallest tripod height is approx. 3-4 secs, and 1-2 secs. with short tripod. Settle time for ground laid and suspended track with direct to cart mounting is less than a second - faster than the camera can write a RAW image to capture card.

Whilst heavier than other commercial products on the market, such as Kessler and Dynamic Perception, the tracking system has three distinct advantages. Firstly, it is not a 'fixed' unit - with the purchase of additional track lengths and a longer CNC control ribbon, it can be extended to 24 or even 36 ft. Secondly, with a 12v power source no larger than a small motorbike battery, it is extremely powerful, capable of pulling two cameras simultaneously on a custom off-set mount, giving highly advantageous coverage in premium priced locations.

11ft dual-camera, lens heated fisheye and flat lens
night tracking shot at Stonehenge

The custom off-set mount also enables simultaneous
fisheye and flat lens panning

Thirdly, it is not laptop / computer dependent, but controlled via dedicated and extremely rugged hardware and electronics, designed by Bryan Mumford.

Over 80 template 'feathered' tracking moves have been pre-calculated to accommodate almost any shot/duration requirement over any distance from 3-11ft.

Fully field tested and utilised in temperatures between 1 and 35 degrees C, on-location reliability is 98% and above. All configurations include camera power adaptors and lens heating as standard. Systems can be hooked up to larger 12v car and truck batteries if required. Modular and adaptable design enables hand carried 'stripped-down' single camera set-ups to be transported to difficult locations.

A dedicated production vehicle with live-in facilities, complete with high output solar panel and all-12v charging is available for European productions, enabling long duration location shooting, with full on-site image check & rendering via laptop.

FULLDOME true circular fisheye
frame of sunset at Callanish

At the end of a 5 hour motion control
night tilt-down at Callanish

Systems Specifications:

- 2 x Canon 5D Mk1 cameras / 2 x 5D Mk2 cameras
- 4 x 'Time Machine' Intervalometers
- 2 x Motion Control tables (pan / tilt)
- 12/8/4ft track
- Hi-speed 32, 16 + 8 gig CF cards
- Individual shot lengths in RAW can exceed 40 seconds on a 32gb card
- Max. RAW frame rate with pan/tilt motion control: 0.5 fps (Mk2) / 0.3 fps (Mk1)
- Faster frame rates and extended shot lengths available in hi-res Jpeg mode
- Unlimited time-exposure periods for night sky photography (fisheye lenses f3.5)
- 2 x 'baby-legs' tripods and 2 x tall (spiked and/or rubber-foot)
- 3 x Fisheye, and 17mm, 50mm, 135mm, 2 x 28-300mm + 24-135mm flat lenses
- High friction heads, 3-way levellers and quick release plates for fast set-ups

The production vehicle on location
in The Hebrides, Scotland

A Canon 5D Mk1 on the moving production line at the AGCO factory, Beauvais, France

Systems operated by Director of Photography Grant Wakefield

'Dry hire' is available after brief training period

24/7 Technical support via phone / e-mail

Insurance per kit 6000

Rental prices negotiable dependent on shoot duration, location and requirements


UK (07967) 101 757
UK (01373) 764 133

For further examples of the motion control systems in action please visit the showreels page.


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