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porcupine tree & no-man - gallery

In 2007 and 2009 I was commissioned by British band PORCUPINE TREE and their art director Lasse Hoile to shoot timelapse images for tour films and music videos promoting their albums FEAR OF A BLANK PLANET and THE INCIDENT. Hoile heavily processed these images and mixed them into his own material.

In 2008 I was invited by Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness of NO-MAN to photograph and direct a music video for a track for their album SCHOOLYARD GHOSTS. The piece, WHEREVER THERE IS LIGHT, was also photographed in timelapse and subsequently animated in 16:9.
It was included on the DVD release of the album and on the e.p. of the same name.

The frames below are presented without processing, as they were originally captured.

porcupine tree - fear of a blank planet

The brief was to produce material that showed the electronic, impersonal environments that children, and to some extent adults, are increasingly submerged in, and their subsequent retreat from the 'real world'.

The images featured principally during the live performances of the track ANESTHETIZE.

The album is available to buy here

porcupine tree - time flies - the incident

The brief was to produce material that captured 'childhood memories of summers past' for a 5 min. edit of the track TIME FLIES. But as the rain sodden summer of 2009 dragged on, the emphasis evolved somewhat to include some abstract images that would also be used in the 12 min. full length version that featured on the album.

An experiment in 'light writing' on a windswept Dartmoor night led director Hoile to embrace the idea,
and he requested several others that spelt out lyrics from the song.

The 5 min. video can be seen here

The album is available to buy here

no-man - wherever there is light - schoolyard ghosts

I was given carte blanche to develop my own concept for this track. Testing a recently arrived motion control head in some local woods, I played the results back whilst listening to the music. Whilst bearing little relation to the song's theme, the imagery matched remarkably well, particularly with the steel guitar and Mellotron sound. Two versions were created, a 'sentimental' take that featured some video inserts which suggested connections to the lyrics,
and a strictly timelapse version which was the one chosen by the band.

The official version can be downloaded here, or seen here

The album and the 'Wherever There is Light' e.p., both of which feature the video,
are available from Tim Bowness' label BURNING SHED

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